Seven ways to increase your workers' productivity on the jobsite

One of the most important aspects of managing a crew, whether you are the foreman of two or a contractor in charge of dozens, is keeping your workers motivated. Motivation is the key to maintaining a hard-working and productive group of laborers. These seven tips can help get your workers motivated and increase productivity on the jobsite, which means less money going out and more money coming in.

Get the Music Going

Whether it's classic rock, country, hip-hop, dance or pop, listening to music can help motivate just about anyone. This holds true for the jobsite as well, as background music can give your workers something to think about besides the tedious task in front of them, and make the day go by more quickly. One need not read through the countless studies to know that music can get people energized and keep people focused. Pick a genre that your crew can agree on, and watch the mood improve when you play a little music.

Stay Reasonable on Cell Phone Use

During a hot summer workday, it can be uplifting to say the least to get a text from your wife or girlfriend just to say she misses you. Allow your workers to keep their phones on and send a text or two throughout the day. A text-only policy may be the most effective plan. Restricting cell phone use any further is probably not necessary as long as your workers are not engaging the public and are not taking advantage.

Pay Them on Time

A bank error caused a deposit to return leaving you a short checking account balance. A client's failure to pay you means insufficient funds to make payroll. These are not excuses to pay your team on schedule every time. Whatever the situation may be, you should plan in advance to deal with these cash flow shortfalls. Preparing your business by establishing a line of credit or saving a reserve fund will enable you to be reliable to your workers on payday and help you sustain through difficult times. Displaying an adept business acumen will help earn the respect of your employees and keep them happily committed. Fostering such an outlook will prove valuable when the situation demands that they go above and beyond.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Organization may or may not be your crew's strong suit, but it is vital if you want to keep a smooth-running jobsite. A messy workspace usually means that hours of work time per week will be wasted on looking for tools, plans or materials. Make sure that every tool has its place, and make a big deal about it when your workers leave things lying around. Ensure that storage areas are clearly labeled. Assign a monitor to keep track of inventory on a regular basis. Encourage individuals to take responsibility for their tools because if something goes missing, costs can add up quickly.

Create Some Friendly Competition

Performance-related competition can be healthy competition, depending on your workers. Even a small prize can be extremely motivating, and makes work seem more fun. Whoever hangs the most drywall, for example, can choose where to eat for lunch. You can also create competition between crews, or personal competitions if you have only one or two helpers.

Keep Regular Work Hours

It may at first seem like a good idea to work for eleven hours today so your crew can get a day off tomorrow, but those extra hours will probably prove to be anything but productive. The last two or three hours of a workday are already exhausting; tack two or three more onto that and you are likely in for an extended afternoon of long breaks and short tempers.

Be a Leader

When you go into a project confident in the goal you want to meet and how you want to meet it, your workers will take their cue from you. Keep a strong line of communication, consider all the ramifications of a decision, Staying focused on the big picture while being specific about the methods needed to make that picture a reality will give your crew a sense of direction and purpose, and may keep them motivated to reach that goal.

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