How building owners hire contractors they won't regret

As a building landlord, you have plenty of responsibilities demanding your attention. Tenants making requests, yard maintenance obligations, and building upkeep are just some of your ongoing challenges. Occasionally you may also need to hire outside contractors to attend to your property. Before you hire a contractor for a major job like building painting or roof replacement, there are a number of item to address ahead of time.


How long have they been in business? Make sure a contractor has a solid reputation behind them and can provide local references you can call. You want to be able to do a drive-by to see how their paint job is holding up or if their roof shingles are still in place. If a contractor can't provide you with references you can double-check, you might want to look elsewhere for a reputable service provider. A question that can be equally important is who will be doing the skilled labor. It’s best to make sure that the other employees on the job can deliver quality results.

Take a few moments to do some research. A little information can go a long way. The effort will help you ask more probing questions. You’ll be better able to compare the solutions explained and see which makes the most sense for your application. Find out about the materials they source. Do they have deep knowledge and a thought process behind their purchasing decisions? After all, if you’re installing new windows, it’s imperative that they weather the elements over the long-term. Another key consideration is how conscious they will be of your tenants. Will they maintain a clean work area and be mindful of noise and dust?

Find out and confirm that the contractor is bonded and insured. A contactor that is bonded pays premiums to a surety company to step in if the business fails. So if the contractor is unable to pay suppliers, permits or subcontractors and cannot complete the work as a result, the bonding company will bear the expenses. In the event that the contractor accidentally causes damage to your property, their insurance provider can cover the repairs. These are two must-have protections for a landlord— the contractor will be able to give you a certification number so you can call the companies to verify their status.


Ask about their business license and whether they belong to any professional trade associations. Check with local licensing authorities to make sure there haven't been any issues with their license. Find out how long they have been a member of relevant trade associations to ensure they're experienced and up-to-date on the latest industry innovations.


Confirm whether your prospective contractor is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. You don't want to end up hiring just any contractor that shows up with a truck and a tool belt. Checking their background will ensure you are hiring a qualified candidate who doesn't have a trail of unhappy customers on their business record.


Hiring a contractor to assist with your building maintenance duties doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor. If you do your homework, you can hire a dependable professional and feel confident in your hiring decision. Will you be applying any of these hiring tips the next time you need to engage the services of a contractor?

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