Why hire an architect to design your medical or dental space

For an investment as important as a medical or dental office, you should only entrust your design to a licensed architect. Their education and training can help assure that your space is designed for maximum utility and with the best aesthetics possible within your budget. Further, the accreditation that architects are required to maintain bodes confidence that the project will be completed with a strict set of standards in mind.This is a paragraph. Click here to add / edit your own text. This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

At a minimum, in many states an architect is required by law to sign off on design plans for larger commercial properties. Often the plans can actually be drawn by designers who aren’t licensed as architects. Though such dubious plans are less expensive, one should be wary because going this route may cause even more expensive problems down the road. Effectively, the reason these plans are cheaper is because the architect can be more efficient on time but this can lead to oversights and poorer quality results. In fact, many architects refuse to even utilize these tactics because their license is on the line and their reputation is at stake. Instead they take a very hands-on approach, sometimes alongside other seasoned architects and other times with the assistance of newly minted graduates.

Just to become licensed, an architect must complete a minimum five-year bachelor of architecture program from a college accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. In addition, a professional internship that typically lasts at least three years is required. They then must pass the nine-part Architectural Registration Exam. Failure rates in the sections on mechanical and electrical systems and site planning have in recent years been above thirty percent. Moreover, most states then require continuing education on topics such as building codes, construction materials and health issues for architects to maintain their licenses.

A savvy architect should be able to help you achieve your vision for the professional space by offering design options that you might not have known of or considered on your own. Trained to be more than designers, they have the ability to merge the design of the building with the electrical, plumbing and other systems. Due to the demands of a medical or dental facility, form and function are paramount to creating a productive work environment. In certain cases the challenge can be to fit the existing structure of your building while in other situations an entirely new property must be erected which in turn brings a separate array of challenges.

An architect can also help you design your building to harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood or landscape. Starting from the ground up will be a much more intense project in terms of time needed and money invested but the fact that every detail is customized for an optimal layout will pay you back later on. All factors are considered including the traffic patterns, sun and wind exposure and local climate. Taken as a whole, the architect will seek to save on energy costs, ensure good air quality and maximize safety in all foreseen events.

The vision and plans are worthless if they are not properly executed. Architects are adept at coordinating your building contractors and subcontractors to help minimize your cost and maintain professional standards in the construction of your space. Since they know the design inside out, there’s no one better to make sure the blueprints are followed to the tee. Nevertheless, don’t be naïve enough to believe that the plan will not evolve to adapt to the dynamics of reality. If the architect is on site, they can quickly cope with hurdles as they arise. Furthermore, their relationships in the industry can help you procure reliable contractors that they have comfortably worked with in the past. There are numerous architectural firms that specialize in working with healthcare providers to design medical spaces that are efficient for their practices and help them to maximize revenue.

Doctors and dentists are in a unique position to understand better than many the benefits of using a licensed architect to oversee a building design project. There are of course many who can advise people on their health but only licensed physicians have the years of training, the requirement for ongoing education, and the commitment to professional standards necessary to make them fully accountable for their advice. The same is true with building design. Many can design a space but few other than architects have the education and training necessary to see your project through to completion and likewise to be accountable for the results.

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